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Seoro Partners becomes the first Certified Reseller of DT-Folio, a premier Digital Asset Management solution.

Today, Seoro Partners, a division of Seoro, LLC, announces that it has entered into an agreement with Datrys Technologies, Inc. to become the first Certified Reseller of DT-FOLIO, a premier Digital Asset Management solution. According to Tony Vallin, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer of Seoro Partners; “Companies are beginning to recognize the value of their digital “assets,” files of strategic, intellectual or content value. It is no longer viable to store these assets in an unorganized manner by file system. The cost of delivering an incorrect digital asset can quickly grow past six figures all because a critical asset was not easy to identify by the files name and location. The process of managing these important digital assets, like schematics, photos, marketing collateral, documents, CAD drawings and multimedia files, in a centralized and systematically organized manner, enabling fast and efficient storage, retrieval, and reuse, is not only essential to all businesses, it is absolutely expected.”

The Digital Asset Management market space is not a level playing field. Even lower-end solutions, with far less capability than DT-Folio will run into tens-of-thousands of dollars. DT- Folio gives you all of the capabilities that you would see in solutions that are priced in the six- figure range, for a price that is a fraction of that cost. In addition, with DT-Folio, you will get one flat fee, based on the amount of storage that you require. A fee that you can plan and budget for. The unique configurability of the system supports the way that you want to work, the geographies that you want to work in, the always available access that is expected and the security that is needed to protect your intellectual property. And, we give you this capability, Today!

About Seoro Partners: Seoro Partners, a division of Seoro, LLC is based in Tampa, Florida and offers worldwide solutions and resources to organizations in both private and public sector industries. For more information about the company, visit

About Datrys Technologies: Datrys Technologies, based in Spring Hill, Florida, provides web- based software solutions; custom web design, programming and hosting; and combines this technology with quality relationship management and client service. For more information about the company, visit

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