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Market Mix Modeling
Efficient Marketing and Advertising yields bottom-line dollars

Marketing Mix Modeling
Small and Medium sized business owners are beginning to recognize that their sales and marketing activities are an important investment in their company’s future success. It is with an eye to optimization that SEORO Partners can aid the SMB to understand, monitor and manage the activity mix in their portfolios to achieve maximum return on their marketing investments.

Typically inundated with data, the SMB collects and stores numerous disparate data elements in spreadsheets, tables or hardcopy that could be turned into valuable statistically sound reports that can drive marketing efficiencies and maximize profitability.

The primary objective of the Market Mix Modeling effort (a.k.a. as M3) is to assess the effectiveness of the SMBs sales and marketing activities and to optimize these activities across their various channels both vertically and horizontally. Often initiated as a series of analytical and dimensional reports, combined with third-party data interpretation services, the SMB quickly finds that SEORO’s approach and deliverables yield actionable, empirical information that let’s them “Dial In” their Marketing spend and Gain Profits.

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Market Mix Modeling Objectives:

  • Increase sales growth by:
    • Identifying marketing and advertising investments that drive sales both in terms of dollars and units sold and providing visibility through drill-down reporting across various dimensions (i.e. by channel, geography, customer, time etc.)
    • Calculating the ROI for each marketing and sales activity, again with the ability to drill down across the various dimensions of the data (i.e. channel, geography, customer, time, etc.).
    • Optimizing sales and marketing efforts by recommending adjustments to the mix, timing and spend based on predicted sales, and forecasted sales based on adjusted marketing activity mix.
      • factoring in uncontrollables such as weather, demographics, competition, managed
      • other business impact variables (i.e. insurance, interest rates, etc.)
      • Data Availability -Integrate data from a number of disparate data repositories in to a highly available analytical data mart.
  • Knowledge Transfer and/or Consultative Services
    • Ensure that our SMB clients are as self-sufficient they would like to be through Knowledge Transfer and Education, or, support the SMB using our world-class consultants and services.
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